I am building a new website, with the help of a programmer. Can't Solve this Problem

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I want, need a directory on the first few pages of the site. when people visit the site, they pick the country they are from, which we have in the form of flags depicting each country we are doing business in.

Once they pick their Country, lets say Canada, they are sent to that countries sub directory, in this case, the Canadian Providences, they pick the Province they want to visit, lets pick Ontario, then the finally pick the city they went to visit in Ontario, lets say Toronto.

This is the frustrating part, where do I get the sub directories, listings of the Provinces in Canada and then the listings of the cities per Province. I have seen these directories all over the place, but when you need them, can not find them.

I want the ones that come in a display box, with the names in alphabetical order and your scroll down to you see the City you want and click on it. When people click on their city of choice, it will direct them to the web site we have for each city. We need these directories for the major English speaking Counties, Canada, the USA, UK and Australia to start with.

Can you help us find these directories. I know they are out there, have seem then, just can't get a handle on them know when we need them.

Any help would be most appreciated .
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    I have a huge database of countries and cities. I forget where I got it from but you can search around online for one. You will need somebody who knows Excel/SQL to clean it up for you though.

    Also check out MaxMind because they have a database of IP addresses by country so you can have a good guess at where somebody is browsing from.
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    There are a number of companies out there that specialize in data aggregation. I'm surprised your programmer doesn't know where to look to get the data you need. Another poster mentioned MaxMind. There are some others like Google Maps API, GeoSurf, SimpleMaps, etc.

    If you don't have the money for these types of services (they can get expensive), your developer should be able to find a way to scrape usable lists from the internet or find ways to massage data from other sources to get what you need.
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    I'm also shocked that your developer has a lake knowledge regarding this may be first you have to look out the capability of your programmer that It has proper knowledge or not check his past experience if he had done other project, it helps you to avoid some other issue in future as well.

    Ask to developer that How to use Google because everything you can get from Google if you know the search algorithm. Can you tell me which platform are you using like wordpress or some other?
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    I'd sack your programmer. That isn't a complex scenario to put together.

    You could do this by building up a string with a folder information in it that is added to as each part of the country / state details is selected.

    How exactly you do this depends on where you're reading the data from. You could use the API out there to pick up the data for the dropdown boxes to select from, then use a key in the dropdown box, or index to build up a string that you can then use to look up the page or site that you desire.

    Martin Platt

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    You can use ready public JSON lists with countries, cities as sources. For example https://gist.github.com/keeguon/2310008
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    There are various sources available on Internet like "https://www.w3schools.com" and "https://stackoverflow.com" from where you may get some hint regarding your issue.
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      stackoverflow seems like a better choice here

      Originally Posted by Justcare View Post

      There are various sources available on Internet like "https://www.w3schools.com" and "https://stackoverflow.com" from where you may get some hint regarding your issue.
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