Wordpress for ecommerce??? yes, no ???

by apples
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Hey I'm new to Wordpress, are there any good add on's that can be used for ecommerce?

I have seen the instinct one, but are there others. Basically what is the best one to use?

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    Have you looked at either Shopp — plugin ecommerce for wordpress or WordPress › WP e-Commerce WordPress Plugins ?

    I guess I would question why you're using WordPress for an ecommerce site though. Sure it can be done, but there are so many powerful and easy-to-use full ecommerce scripts out there that I really can't see using WordPress as being the best way to go.
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      I only have the one product to sell, it might spread out to maybe 6 products over time. But not for a while.

      I figure Wpress seems very easy so far, and for the one product now it seems like a quick easy solution.

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    I've got a lot of experience with wp-ecommerce. It's a bug ridden product, but most people will not notice the bugs. There are a couple of other choices at wordpress.org...

    What are you planning on selling? How many products? Do you need to manage returns? These are a few of the questions you need to think about when choosing a shopping cart.
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      At the moment it is only the one specific product in two sizes. So two products total.

      Then possible at a later date up to another 4 more products to give total of about 6 or so.

      So any shopping cart like zen, or ocommerce, prestashop etc are all too big for what I need to do. I already sell on ebay this specific product and would be mice to have a website setup on just that product. The TLD is available and although I would not get that many sales / searches for the item, it would still comlement the ebay selling.

      And, while we are at it, I'd be after a theme/template that is very product specific and is designed just for the one product. So imagine if I was selling say " xyz pacer pencil". The website layout and images will only display and feature that product. I plan on having pics, product specs, FAQ section and even video etc.

      I like those sites that have a bar of color across the top of the page with the links etc. Then under that they have the product image, and under that picture links to say specs, more photos, and videos etc. There is usually 3 boxes there.

      I should try to find and example to show.

      Payment will be paypal and or cash on pickup, COD, and cheques(personal or bank)

      Returns, well I'd just re adjust the stock levels, as I will keep count of the physical stock on hand here in my office.


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    I use zencart for ecommerce solutions and have found it flawless. Good resource to find out. Looking for wp as well.
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    If you're selling just one product a very easy to manage plug in for Wordpress is wordpress paypal shopping cart if using paypal. Very easy to work with.

    WordPress › WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart « WordPress Plugins
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      Simplicity is the key for something like this with only a few products.

      As with any WordPress plugin; it is important to stay up to date with your plugins to avoid any security risks.
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        I don't recommend wordpress and I also had some bad experiences with zencart and oscommerce as well. (though zencart and oscommerce can be a good start if you know php and you can deal with keeping it upgrading AND if you need no customizations)

        I came up with a custom shopping cart solution - you can see www.awb4.com

        web programmer-eshops-custom database solutions-Awebforyou
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    I wil not favor wordpress for building e commerce website. Wordpress is not so powerful for building ecommere website and not much plugin to make your website more functional. I better suggest you to go for Joomla-virtuemart. It is best that I found for creating ecommerce website.

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    I would vote yes, as given the amount of products you have/have planned 1/6 Wordpress with the right plugin will be perfect for you.

    As to the plugins I recommend Jigoshop as it works with all types (Physical and Virtual/Download) of products and has Discounts and Payal out the box.

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    You will get 25% OFF all services by mentioning the Warrior Forum. PM me here or email me to ivanphp404@gmail.com if interested and/or if you have questions.

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    Try taking a look at e-junkie. They have a plugin that displays their cart within WP.
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      wp-eStore plugin with a premium amember subscription can make for a good option but you may have to spend some time with the integration. But once set up, it will work very smoothly.

      Half of the WordPress framework WPSumo.
      Maker of the iAdd iPhone / iPad app (productivity & task management).
      Blogs on DragosRoua.com and contributes to Stepcase Lifehack.

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    no way, wordpress sucks for ecommerce. I've tried a few of the various incomplete plugins. don't get me wrong, i love WP as a blog/cms platform, but just not for ecommerce.
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