Computer Intuition: "Geniuses" Solving Important Problems in Science and Technology

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Modern science is experiencing a creativity crisis! Current research is extremely conservative. Modern scientists are afraid to tackle significant problems, and for a good reason. Scientists who try are penalized. Scientists who try to be creative are not funded. Scientists who try to introduce breakthrough ideas are not supported. Today, there is no funding for risky ideas, and means to publish revolutionary concepts. And who pays the price? Everyone.

Since our physical abilities are limited, even compared to our pets, we were forced to be inventive - we invented the car to improve our mobility, the crane to enhance our trucking, and the telescope to sharpen our vision.

What if we could travel in time and tell someone who lived in the 17th century that people will fly, walk on the moon, and observe others, from the other side of the globe, live? Would they believe us? Try to imagine their reaction to our current technologies.

How would you react if I tell you about a computer program that can retrieve information from the subconscious, a computer that can foresee the future of science and technology, and that can turn an every day scientist into a genius?

In 1996, after extensive research of geniuses like Einstein, Newton, Darwin, Tesla, and Edison, Dr. Hanan Polansky completed a prototype of a computer program, called Computer Intuition. The program was modeled to simulate the intuitive process characteristic of these geniuses. The program analyzes scientific text and helps the user identify inventions or discoveries, which are buried in subconscious of the authors of this text, inventions and discoveries, which will surface from the subconscious of these scientists in the future.

For example, by analyzing relevant scientific papers, the program could have helped its users identify the Google search algorithm years before it surfaced from the subconscious of Mr. Sergey Brin and Mr. Larry Page.

The program is not limited to a certain subject. Since it is based on psycholinguistics, it can analyze scientific text in all scientific and technological domains, including biology, physics, and chemistry.
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