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by dordor
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Hey guys,

I would like to develop an iphone app that will enable the users to browse catalogs.

Catalogs will include various items, divided into categories and sub categories. Items on the catalog will include text, picture and price.

The user should be able to locate a catalog by company name or company type and browse its items by categories.

I was thinking of developing the catalog myself based on mysql and php. The app should simply send quotes to my site and browse the catalog.

Alternatively, I will develop the db (based on mysql) and the app should read the data from my server.

I don't know if that is possible as I have no knowledge in app development but I would love to hear your opinion and get some directions...

p.s. - I'm willing to learn other languages (other than php which I already learned by myself), so if you think I can learn how to develop it myself I will appreciate pointing some resources that could help me get started.
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