Help With Simple Rotation Script?

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Hey guys,

I've Googled, not much of a programmer.

I'm looking for a simple PHP or javascript code that I can place on a site to rotate one image 25% of the time and the second 75% of the time.

I would assume this is just a few simple lines of code, maybe I'm wrong.

Any links to something like this or ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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    The following is based on randomization, which means it is not at all guaranteed to be 25% and 75% in the short term. But over time the 1-in-4 odds will even out.

    $random_images = array();
    $random_images[] = 'imageA.jpg';
    $random_images[] = 'imageA.jpg';
    $random_images[] = 'imageA.jpg';
    $random_images[] = 'imageB.jpg'; // this is the ~25% file name

    shuffle($random_images); // randomize the order of the above files

    echo '<img src="path/to/images/'.$random_images[0].'" />'; // print out the first random one

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    Sweet! Thanks Ryan.

    Going to try it out now.


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