Script? to morph several KWs for SEO purposes?

by astaga
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Let me try and explain what I am trying to achieve:
Some US English and UK English words have different spellings:
Examples are:
center vs centre
monetise vs monetize
mobile phone vs cell phone,
utilise vs utilize, etc.....

Think of the above as keyword1 vs keyword2:

How can I "creatively handle" these differences such that I will still be ranked/found whichever keyword is entered for search? Eg. if I have a domain that is ***, I like to also be ranked/found by the search engines AS tho the differences never existed! (ie. as if I also have a ***, etc, etc....

Is there a script or custom code that can be used to do this?
Or what can I do to ensure these differences are irrelevant to the SE as far as possible?
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      Thanks, the generator builts automatic KW and descriptions based on a KW spelling. What I meant was something that will automatically recognize the different US and UK spellings for these words and automatically generate the "other" alternative spelling, and do it on the site in such a way so that the search engines will automatically associate these other alternative word to the primary keyword on your site.

      Eg. Let's say I have a site that is called www . wholesomecenter . com
      and the site will be recognized for www. wholesomecentre . com

      Anyone entering a spelling of wholesomecentre will automatically find wholesomecenter. Am I making sense?

      Originally Posted by hotaks View Post

      if you are using wordpress then there is a plugin for it

      automatic keywords and descriptions generator
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    Hello astaga,
    Yes you are making sense but I've not come across anything that can help with the
    alternate spellings. It would be great if there was a plugin for it. However I usually write all my stuff in the american style instead of English.

    Pardon me before anyone points out American English is not the same as English english for example color is colour in my country. But for .com and internet purposes I use the color spelling unfortunately I'm assuming all my visitors to my sites are American not sure how accurate this is.
    Since you're Australian (assumption!) you have a choice which spelling you want to use for where your viewers are and for what sites you have.


    Have a great day

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