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by orvn
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So I'm looking for a very specific type of Python programmer to work on a really very complex web app project.

I've posted a ton of ads to, which is working out great, but I'm looking for other, similar sites.

I'm debating whether or not I want to pay the eLance introductory fee for employers, as I won't be using their service regularly.

I'm looking for a BIG network, any suggestions, apart from these two?

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    Nah, I'm looking to cut costs and outsource, specifically because I will be travelling to Bangladesh and India from time to time and this is a long term project.

    Also, I'm a programmer myself, so I shouldn't have too much trouble explaining the things I need done!
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  • Profile picture of the author sdcoder,, or even craigslist, although you'll have to post in multiple cities/countries.
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    Odesk is pretty good. It's based mostly around hourly work. Also, there's no cost to join, you just need to register a credit card with them.
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    • You can look for programmers in or You can also post a hiring there as well to make it easier for you.
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    elance is another good option
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    I've used before in the past and I've been very happy with it. They have a good escrow system and milestone payments can be given when significant portions of work have been completed. I got a team of two PHP programmers from India to make me a custom Wordpress plugin which was very complex and it costed me very little in the end (~$200 USD for a couple of weeks work!)

    And as with all freelancing sites, just make sure you look at the portfolios of the people you are hiring, there are people who just post the same generic message on each new job.
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    I'd highly recommend

    It's free to post, and there are a lot of very talented freelancers on the site. Having both advertised and applied for work on there, I've found it to be a great experience from both perspectives.

    It's not like oDesk, eLance etc - it's simply a job board, so you'll be working direct with the freelancer should you hire one.

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    I use Odesk. I have never had a problem with these guys. Rentacoder is also very useful.
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    u can look for our team
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    You can check out or They have professionals there
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    I'd suggest Odesk and Scriptlance. Best of luck with the project.
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    I'd suggest coming to a site like this. Especially if its marketing related development work. I've picked up at least 100 or so clients off marketing forums over the last ~4 years. They usually ended up being in the custom tool category but yeah.

    Perhaps WF should add a "programmer rating" part. Would let them charge a bit more for some sort of developer specific service and add another draw to the site .

    But all of the links the previous posters gave you are sufficient.

    I don't recommend rent-a-coder however.
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    I also don't recommend outsourcing unless its a very very cost effective deal with a very very well referenced company. And by well referenced I mean "doesn't rape on hours and actually meets deadlines"

    Remember... there are always exceptions.. but generally.. you get what you pay for.
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    Try to post in online jobs websites. You can also post hiring in forum sites like here.
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    Try Odesk or there are a lot of good programmer who are looking for employer in this site.
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    freelance website,i also want to know about other sites
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    Definitely I can help you out. I have a great team. PM me if interested
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    eLance, Guru, and oDesk are the top 3.
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    I like all 3 sites, odesk, elance, guru etc.. for complex programming work but what I do is I make sure to send them my messenger id, and I interview each person. It doesn't actually take a long time if I set a fixed date for the interviews and let them know.

    Also, I ask a question in the ad to make sure they are actually reading the ad instead of just sending me rfps.
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      Try WHT(webhostintalk)/DP(digitalpoint) out. I don´t have personally anything against indians but it´s likely that an indian will apply to your job in first place.

      I have no experience about indians but needless to say, there are a lot of them.

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    I like to hire programmer from the site scriptlance its very godo freelancer site. I like programmers of there.
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