How to hide or encrypt javascript codes

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I know how to encrypt html codes but I don't know how to encrypt javascript codes is there a website that can encrypt a javascipt codes?
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    You can obfuscate JavaScript but ultimately, you can't hide it completely, and the obfuscations are always mostly reversible. This is true with HTML too.

    Javascript Obfuscator - Google Search

    Here's a google search. The first few links should get you started.
    After all, it's better to teach a man to fish...
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    You could encrypt the code and then decrypt the code in the browser. Then use eval() to execute the code. However this will be as useful at hiding the javascript code as obfuscation.
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    The Steps to encrypt java script is given below

    'Select file' if you want to encrypt a single file.

    'Select folder' to encrypt all files in that folder at once. Only *.htm, *.html, *.shtm, *.shtml, *.stn, *.js, *.vbs, *.asp, *.inc and *.php files inside the selected folder will be encrypted, everything else will remain unchange.

    Paste' to paste code for encryption from the clipboard. You should correctly specify the type of the code you want to protect - html, javascript, asp etc. in the code type selection dialog that will pop up.
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    Here's a link of nice forum that can help you with encrypting the javascript codes.

    How to encrypt Javascript?

    Hope this helps!



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