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What do you think about this website structure?

www vhealthsite com
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    Also its very poorly coded. all html tables with inline styles. would be a nightmare to maintain that site. Can't see it being a theme or templates.... I'm assuming they botched it together them self.


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    Could just be an old site that was never updated. Coding techniques have improved drastically with the advent of better browsers, basically since IE7 was released. It's in "Quirks Mode"....

    You definitely don't want to copy that site's code. The comment about it being a nightmare to maintain is totally correct. I've done maintenance work on such sites, and it always takes longer to figure out how to make changes. If a site is making money or is otherwise doing okay, it is sometimes difficult to press the case for a redesign, especially if there are a lot of complicated parts that would need to be reassembled.
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