Need help with a BackUp Buddy WordPress Install Please...

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I'm attempting to install a cloned site I purchased. The video instructions seemed very straight forward.

I changed name servers, added the domain, uploaded the 2 files with file manager, created a mysql database, created a user, joined the user to the database.

The next step is to go to and follow some online instructions but instead I get an error page. I have gone over and over it, and am clueless.

I have no programming skills, my knowledge is limited to fantastico and wordpress, so I'm stuck. Please help. Sincerely, Maureen
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    Maureen - what's the error page?

    If it's server error, you can bet that either the DNS changes have not propagated or are in flux, and you have to wait a while until they are sorted.


    You've not added the domain correctly.

    Though, you should be able to ftp to your server and double-check the following:
    1) is the backupbuddy.php script really in the root of your domain? If so, see if you can access it via its http URL (Path in full) or FTP URL (path in full). To get either of these, just right-click on the file, and look for such option.
    2) double-check that your nameservers are correct.
    3) double-check that the domain was correctly setup.

    If all these are in line, wait it out a few hours (for domain / DNS propagation), and try again. You are doing things correctly in terms of accessing the backupbuddy.php script to continue forward.
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      Thanks for taking the time to help. I really appreciate it.
      It was a simple fix, but I couldn't figure it out without your help.

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    If you don't figure it out give me a PM or skype and I'll try to help.

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      I got it solved. Thank you for offering to help anyway.
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