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hi guys,

I have a website on a ASP system and the cost of maintain it is becoming silly now, and we are thinking of moving to php, however, the site is over 10 years old and have 100's of page one and 10's of possition 1 rankings.

so the question is simple is it possible to keep the ranking's and if so how. My seo guy is confident he can do it but i like to be sure :rolleyes:,

if you have idea's let me know
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    Well the language a page is coded in does not influence SEO or rankings... As long as all the content is there with proper tags/titles/descriptions/content there shouldnt be a problem. Also the links would not dissapear because of this so it should be fine. Make sure you completely transfer the site into PHP before actually activating it...

    Also you have windows hosting im guessing for the ASP site, you should get a linux one for PHP. The technical difficulties of this process are beyond my knowledge, but make sure it is worth the cost before you do it.
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      thanks for the info, i was hoping that was the case, do you have anyone who you can recommend to get me a quote on getting it done.

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      Originally Posted by NastyDevil View Post

      Well the language a page is coded in does not influence SEO or rankings
      Filename does.

      index.asp != index.php

      You can, however, tell your web server to parse .asp pages as application/x-httpd-php
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    hey mate,

    still on a major learning curb hear,

    could you brake it down for me
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    I've never done this before, but I will talk theory to get the ball rolling.

    * Keep the page addresses the SAME (best), or use 301 redirects (acceptable). If you have a page like buy-my-stuff.asp and it becomes buy-my-stuff.php you will lose rank (I think, never tried it before).

    * I think a better option would be to tell the PHP engine on your host that .asp is a valid file extension for php sites. I'm not sure how your host does it, but you should be able to put an entry in your .htaccess file like this:

    AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .asp
    AddHandler x-httpd-php .php .asp

    Which would tell apache that your .asp pages are actually PHP pages.

    You could also use mod_rewrite if your site structure changes dramatically. For example, if you moved to a wordpress site but you wanted your old links to work.

    I'm not sure how Google would like this, because it could look like duplicate content on your site (because ...your.domain./buy-my-stuff.asp would map to the same file as ...your.domain./2011/07/buy-my-stuff/ )
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    any one know anyone who can do this for me????? or who to speak to?? i am london based
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    so.. when you say your seo guy is confident he can "do it", what are you referring to? He can recode all the asp to php and migrate MSSQL to MySQL?

    That sounds like a heluva good SEO guy! I'd keep him. Or have you even broached the subject of how much it will cost to get this from asp to php?
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    well the he said we have the site up and running in php, and then just simply redirect all the url to the new ones and wait for google to re-index, but that sounded to simple so that is why i came hear to find out if that is true or is he just hoping it will work.

    funding is not a problem as well.
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      as far as keeping your rankings, that would hold provided that the resulting php rendering of your web pages are exactly like that of what the asp code produces - so as far as the bots are concerned, it's the same web page

      programatically converting asp to php is like translating a page from spanish to english using babelfish - you can run it through a translator, but to make sure all the the t's are crossed and i's are dotted, it will have to be reviewed and tested. the semantics for logic flow, variable control, expression tests, database calls are all different. not to mention that scope of variables and functions are not the same, and that's going to depend on how the original asp page was coded.

      quite honestly i don't see any way around getting someone who knows both asp and php, and recoding the page. especially for the sake of maintaining your web rankings.
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    It will not effect your ranking. You can even show the pages as .asp in php so that your URL's does not expire.
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