Keeping track of all those email accounts?

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Topic: Best solution to manage lots of email accounts?
Subtopic: How to respond from each account's address?

I currently use a spreadsheet with all my accounts and passwords. I keep this excel doc open all day. I tried roboform, but there's always a learning curve, and it's not really that much time to copy and paste from my spreadsheet.


How do you respond to emails from prospects / buyers / support requests / etc?

I have some of my accounts forwarded. I also have my most important accounts forwarded to my phone. But I don't want to forward them all, or I'd get buried on my phone. I've seen blogs where some have figured out how to sync multiple email accounts with MS Exchange Server, but I couldn't get it to work right on my iphone.

How could I respond to multiple email accounts using the admin email I set up for that account without having to login to each account individually? i.e. log into gmail, yahoo, hostgator, etc.

What do you fine folks do?
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    I don't know any app for iphone, but on desktop I used Thunderbird to handle all my emails. I can set it up to download emails from multiple source like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, my websites' email accounts.

    You can also setup a filter to move any important email, like the notification email from Warrior Forum, into its own folder for management.

    When sent or reply an email, you can choose which account you want to sent it. The option is just above the recipient textbox.

    You can get Thunderbird over here
    Mozilla Thunderbird

    - Rufas
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      Thanks Rufaswan! I'll check it out.
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    Definitely would recommend Mozilla Thunderbird as well. It makes managing email super easy and has some pretty nice features.

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