Problem with WordPress 3.2.1.

by roweis
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I just upgraded one of my blogs to WP 3.2.1., and the left column has completely disappeared. The left column with Posts, Pages, Appearance, Plugins, Tools, Settings is totally gone, and now I can't do a thing! Can anyone help? Thank you very much.
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    The first thing to do its to restore WordPress from the backup you took before you did your upgrade.

    Once you have it restored you should check to make sure all of your plugins are also updated to the latest level, because the likely cause of your problem is a plugin incompatibility with the newest version of WordPress.

    If in doubt deactivate any questionable plugins and try the upgrade again. Then activate them one-by-one - eventually it will likely break again, and you'll know which plugin is causing the issue.

    Restore a second time from your backup and then remove the offending plugin. After that you can upgrade your WordPress installation again, and this time it should work.

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      Hi Bill,

      thank you very much for your help; however, the left column did reappear after a while in Internet Explorer. I didn't do anything. That made me think it was a cache matter, so I cleared the cache in Firefox, and the left column appeared in Firefox as well.

      But now I have a new problem! When I go to edit post or add new post, I only have the HTML view of the post, not the visual view, and I have no idea how to get the visual view as well. Normally when writing or editing a post there are two tabs, visual and HTML. I only have the html (but no tabs appear at the top right). What can I do so that both tabs appear at the top (Visual and HTML) ? Thank you again for your help,

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    i checked your problm
    i xan help u if required
    contact me
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    Hi Robert

    This does indeed sound odd!

    Do any of your other plugins incorporate the same Tiny MCE editor that WordPress uses? If so I'd try disabling it. Again a plugin conflict could be responsible.

    Also, based upon your experience of having the column return when you cleared your cache I'd be tempted to try it with a browsers that has "never seen" the site before - perhaps Opera or Safari. See i fit looks correct there.

    For the record I have a few dozen test sites that are at the latest version of WordPress (plus some running beta's of future versions) and have not experienced this problem with any of them. I usually use Chrome, but also use Opera as well, same experience with both.

    Not sure if any of this is helpful, but best of luck with it - keep us posted too, as others may experience the same problem.

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    Hey Robert,

    Seems like your having problem on how to restore your wordpress visual editor.

    I created a short video that show fix this so that you have both the HTML and Visual editor back in your wordpress blog. Check out the video below:

    restore wordpress visual editor -
    Hope that helps.

    Paul Facey
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      Hi Paul,

      thank you very much for posting that video; it was very helpful and now I know exactly how to solve this problem. It was much simpler than I had thought!

      Thanks again,

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        No worries Robert.

        I'm really glad I was able to help. Wordpress is an excellent platform and I use it for 95% of ALL my sites, but sometimes you can experience some hiccups along the way

        If you ever need additional help, just let me know.

        To your success,
        Paul Facey
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    Hi Paul:
    Thank you so much for your video - It works!

    I've spent the whole afternoon searching for a solution regarding this nasty problem of my wordpress visual editor not showing and then I've stumbled upon your video.

    There are countless solutions offered on other sites and forums and almost all of them involved tweaking the wp-config, deactivating and activating installed plugins, adding or removing codes in the theme's php files, etc. Little did I know that the simple solution lies in just unchecking that tiny box in the user's admin area! And it was done in less than a minute! Lol!

    Thanks again, Paul, for taking the time to create that video and sharing it with us here in the forum.

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    Thanks Paul for being that helpful, am following the same
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      Hey, I have the same problem with the Wordpress kitchen sink doing a disappearing act.

      I did what Paul has shown in the video, deactivated/reactivated plugins, changed themes, etc., but nothing worked.

      I'm getting really pissed off with this!! Can anyone please help????

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