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Hi there,

I am new to WP. I set up one site with WP, and now I want to another WP site (different domain). I uploaded the WP on my server, and after I did the configuration, it said "You appear to have already installed WordPress. To reinstall please clear your old database tables first."

What should I do? If I delete the old database tables, will I lose everything for my 1st site I built before?

Thanks for all your help

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    You need to use a different database prefix.

    By default the prefix is wp_
    you can set it to anything... try wp2_

    You should see that while doing the online configuration during install
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    I did see that when i first installed. how can I change it to wp2_?

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    just figured out! I changed it at wp_config.php.
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    I know there are a few sites where you can list and designers bid on your project but am not sure which ones are good.
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    If you are looking to run a lot of domain with wordpress. You can set up wordpress to run as a network and then with a little trick turn all the subdomains into top level domains.

    You will have one WP install but can run a lot of different domain names... Might be easier then managing different installs

    Create A Network « WordPress Codex
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    Why don't you use Fantastico which is available from the CPanel.
    It is so much easy. No need to mess around with database and wp-config.php.
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    Unomateo, thanks for the link, it comes in handy in the future if I add more domain.

    starli88, the reason I had to change the wp-config.php, because I couldn't even get in the cpanel. WP didn't let me do anything except the change the database or wp-config.php.

    I am just glad that I got it work now!

    thanks everyone
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    The problem is in your wp_config file you should really check out the wordpress forum for these types of questions. You will always find your answer there.
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    I did try to search on wordpress forum, but I couldn't find anything. After Unomateo mentioned about database prefix, then I figured it out that i need to change on my wp_config.php.
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    yes,the database table name,just change the defaut name,wordpress is very very good
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    I think, the possible solution here is: add a new database, with corresponding new uname and pass, and make that dbase access to your new wordpress. That's the only solution that i really know to the problem, and please edit the wp-config as what it wants.
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    thanks everyone, i fixed it!
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