How To Move A WP Blog To A Subfolder

by seoed
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I just wanted to move my wp blog to a subfolder I just created.

I simply copied everything and moved to the subfolder. but
when I type in the in the browser nothing

I guess I have to do some adjustments to the index.php, but how
and where?
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    Search for "Moving WordPress" in Google.

    I would like to post the URL's here but I am not allowed yet, hehe.

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    After you copy and paste everything -- and make sure it is everything -- you need to go into your WordPress Settings -> General and make sure that your blog and site url's are changed to the new address. The wp-config file should still be connecting to the same database so you should be fine there. There should be nothing with index.php that you have to worry about.
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    thanks very much, however, my password for my admin area doesnt seem to work and my password reseting doesnt either.

    is there a way to change this by going into the according files?
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      Originally Posted by seoed View Post

      thanks very much, however, my password for my admin area doesnt seem to work and my password reseting doesnt either.

      is there a way to change this by going into the according files?
      You have to do this through the WordPress database directly. The most convenient way to manage the database is via the phpMyAdmin tool at your account.

      Once in phpMyAdmin select the WordPress database from the drop-down menu on the left. The page will refresh and the database's tables will be displayed on it. Open the SQL tab (look at the top navigation bar).

      In the text field write the following SQL query:

      UPDATE 'wp_users' SET 'user_pass' = MD5( 'new_password_here') WHERE 'wp_users'.'user_login' = "admin_username";

      click on the GO button to submit the query. If everything goes fine without errors, you should be able to login to WordPress with the new password.
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    You cannot do it in files, but you can add a new admin in Database. you need to find the users table and you need to add new used name a password of your choice and other mandatory details.
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    do you means Move WP Blog From the Subfolder to the Root ?

    • 1 Back up any files that already exist in your server's root directory that may be copied over by WordPress files, such as ".htaccess" and "index.php."

    • 2 Log into your blog. Go to "Administration," "Settings" and "General." In "WordPress address (URI)" box, change the URL to your new location of your main WordPress files. In the "Blog address (URI)" box, change the address to the new location, which should match the first box. Click "Save Settings."

    • 3 Log into your server using the FTP client of your choice. Navigate to the subdirectory where WordPress is currently installed. Move all files in this subdirectory over to the root directory.

    • 4 Go to "Administration," "Settings" and "Permalinks," and update your "Permalink" structure, if you modified your "Permalink" structure previously.

    • 5 Go to "Settings," then "Media." Check and edit "Store uploads folder" to ensure new uploads will be put in the new folder location and not the old location. Update any existing image/media links for uploaded media to refer to the new folder location.

    • 6 Visit your WordPress site at the new URL to verify everything displays correctly.

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    what type of hosting do you use?
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    i use WP-twin. It works like a dream to clone and move everything.
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