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In my website, I will need to use MySQL, I am very new to MySQL, as I am running Windows 7 Home 64 bit.

After testing different tools, many of which you have to buy, or limited access in trial versions, I see that I can MySQL WorkBench with Ubuntu 9.04.

Ideally id like a program that I can build/learn in access, and then import into the program. I already have access, the ease of the interface is great, but ultimately the db of course cannot be used for a website thats goal is to handle many users.

Would Workbench CE be the way to go? Any other suggestions?
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    Sure, I've developed quite a few website and application using MySQL (Free Community Edition) as database and so far there's no big problem. SQL would be the way to go if you need to support a lot concurrent users or when your database is expanding until Access is unable to handle (Eg. 2Gb limitation).

    Some recommend readings from Microsoft about Access and SQL.

    As for the GUI Client, I'm satisfied with MySQL WorkBench CE as free tool (used PhpMyAdmin and DBDesigner before also) to draw my ERD and maintain the database for company's software applications.

    Although there are a few minor things I don't like about WorkBench but it still get the things done.


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        In the case of concurrent users, would that be the same definition of visitors on the website performing for instance on the visitors using the database? My understanding is yes, hoping the answer is no.
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    What is your purpose? To run a live webserver to the public at large over the internet with your home internet connection and a windows or linux box? OR just for a testing environment to test scripts there locally?

    If you want to do all your own webhosting from your house, I recommend against this.

    Here are several suggestions to setup a testing environment on your home or office windows computer. This works on windows XP all way up to windows 7 ultimate.


    apache friends - xampp

    Depending on how technical you are you can also install Apache, PHP, MySQL and various other options manually by going to the respective sites, downloading and installing windows / linux etc... pre compiled executable installers that will install them for you but you are on your own to configure them yourself.

    My personal favorite all in one installer that installs everything at once is vertrigoserv, many other prefer xamp. You can also just download and install MySQL, latest version, previous version or beta's from --> MySQL :: The world's most popular open source database
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    I might be misunderstanding you. You can also access your databases directly using phpmyadmin which is installed on most webhosts and accessable using your cPanel or which ever control panel your host uses.

    Usually, depending on your host because each one is different, you should be able to access this from "".

    - T
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      T- The purpose of the database(s) which will be hosted on my host's server. The need for a GUI interface as similar to access as possible is due to my lack of knowledge SQL commands, and to ease the process of creating the database. I'd like to create the database on my computer and when its complete load it to the server, the website is a dating website, so search db's, matching algorithms, etc.

      - Mike
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        The ideas for the site I have its the actual creating of the databases that I am looking for starting points.
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    I use phpMyAdmin both on my hosting and on my local testing environment.

    Both of the prepackaged software I linked to previously install this automatically with all the other servers but you can also download it manually at phpMyAdmin

    You can also use something like HeidiSQL to access your local and even hosted website databases if your hosting is setup for external connections.

    phpMyAdmin has a visual connection editor built-in as well.

    Do a search on google for "visual mysql query" and you will get MANY results for software that dynamically create SQL Queries from visual editor style gui's. The vast majority are commercial software and not many free options but I would highly recommend buying one of these software if you plan on doing a lot of database programming.

    - T
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    As the others have said - you will have no problem whatsoever with MySQL for the purposes you need. I use DreamCoder as a GUI - please google it because I am not allowed to post links yet
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      Thanks Terry for you continued contributions to the post, one thing Ive learned in business is you need to be passionate about it along with hard work, focus, and patience, my main business and passion is e-commerce, eBay was my starting point, I will be back hopefully in the next month, need to work out everything in a legal manner to this forum I knew nothing about Internet Marketing, little of SEO, and none of MySQL or what is required to build what I have in mind.

      I am at this point only considering the dating site as a business and want to test MySQL, SEO skills (which I will need for e-commerce), but above all, keep my costs to a minimum to see if this is something I can learn and enjoy.

      This post and my others here have helped shed light in a different way I imagined.

      I appreciate the query you have given me, as I have typed variations of MYSQL GUI interfaces, and have failed to find a product to suit my needs, I tried Heidi SQL, with access, I felt confident I could build the databases, perhaps my work with excel tied into that, again.

      VT- Thanks for the DreamCoder - going to download it.
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    Right, as I see that you really are looking for the solution which you need to have for the long run. If you run web server Windows does not fit for you AT ALL.
    You can have VNC server installed with any of Linux distribution, but as I have read all the posts I could suggest you some sort of solution which in the future will not be aa pain for you to expand.
    If you really are serious about your business you will need to have:
    1. Webserver separated from MySQL
    2. Use Linux (well that needed to be first point), use CentOS as it is the most advanced distribution. Some GURUS may disagree with me and they can say that the best is Debian distro, but the times are changed and Debian is outdated OS.
    3. If you want to have a proper eCommerce solution get Magento or any other software which would have the wide variety of the billing integration and flexible editing of the front end templates.
    So, this would be it and I guess if still you want to have Windows in some point, it could help you with your financial software generating the accountancy reports, etc. but not for hosting.
    Cloud VPS || Shared Hosting
    Web Hosting Solutions for Geeks!
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