How do you BULK Edit Links?

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Hi, i have a WP Blog and i have around 30 or so links that all need to be changed to one link that i have. is there a simpler way to edit all of these links rather than do 1 at a time?:confused:

please, if you answer, i am still learning html and code, so, as easy as you can please!

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    You could install the broken link checker plugin

    this will allow you to see alll your links on one page - and edit them there

    you can also do bulk editing too i believe

    you will have to click the checkbox next to each link

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    if the links you wish to change are all the same link you could just open the html in an editor and use the find/replace option...

    if not, its probably going to be faster to edit them manually using select > paste then it would be trying to code or find a solution to do this, unless of course you are going to be doing it often then it could be worth finding a solution
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    The ppt contains graphs and excel tables.

    Original link : C:\MonthEnd\2011Sept.xls

    New Path : Original link : C:\MonthEnd\2011Oct.xls
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    What candy was trying to say is that they are a bot at best, just a worthless poster at worst.

    I use Notepad++, you can use regex expressions, hold down the Alt-key to do vertical-line changes, and much more. Makes for altering links very easy.
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    Take a back up of database from phpmyadmin. Open with notepad/notepad++. Replace the links & restore the database.

    Do this only if you are an expert. Else, don't even try it!
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    There's a plugin you can use to find/replace links (or any text) across all posts and pages called WP Link Transformer. Google it, it's cheap and it works.
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