Need recommendation on a CMS Store that allows XML import

by Nitruc
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We've been trying to find a cheap CMS solution that isn't a full $5k to $10k+ enterprise edition and can be used to host products imported from another store's XML data feed containing about 500 items. Basically, we'll be setting up a site for an affiliate type store, reselling another companies products which are provided via XML data feeds.

Our problem is that it doesn't seem like any reasonably priced basic level CMS solutions like Magento Go, CoreCommerce, and Volusion, allow for direct XML importing. We've found that we can generate a CSV from the XML and manually import that into Magento Go, but that isn't automatic and then we run into another problem where the XML feed's images are being imported as links to their location and not actual images to be used as the default product picture.

Does anybody have a recommendation to what CMS we should go with or solution to getting a live XML data feed into a site using products like Magento Go, CoreCommerce, or Volusion?
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    Maybe Drupal with the Feeds contrib module. But I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish with the information you've given. Are you trying to feed a eCommerce site with products? Drupal also has contrib modules for ecommerce.
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      Yes, we're trying to feed an ecom XML feed from a client's main site into an affiliate ecom store built by us.
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    Then you definitely want to look at one of the open source solutions. I use Drupal for my CMS but others should work as well. An example of Drupal pulling in affiliate links is
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    Hmm, not sure if that example matches the complexity of what we we're trying to do. We're looking to make a full ecommerce style site with hundreds of products each having many custom fields for product descriptions.
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    I agree with what Earnie Boyd recommends. I have built numerous Drupal websites, and probably the best situation you can work with is to use
    Drupal + Ubercart for your ecommerce solution. I would also recommend that you use instead of paypal pro, as they take a lot per purchase.

    As for the xml, you can either pay a develop a small amount of money to build a custom script to create the XML for you, or use as Earnie suggests, the feeds module + views to create a XML output, or even the Services module for that purpose.

    With that combination in place, I can't imagine your price tag will be more than 5k, unless you have some crazy templates and additional work. Proof of concept shouldn't be anymore than 2.5-3k

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