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I have started a new WP site on a recently-acquired aged, high PR domain. I hope to use the site as part of a general-topic blog network.

However, in order to keep those existing incoming links as long as possible, I would like to build some content around the topic that that domain used to be about (and that the incoming links are about).

is it possible to redirect incoming links from specific domains to specific pages/posts? I imagine if anything this could be done through .htaccess.

I know there is a plugin called "Redirection", will this handle that? I can't figure it out.

And also, maybe a dumb question, if I do this would this mean I am redirecting all the current incoming link juice to the target page at the expense of the home page?

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    I was there remember working with SEO on coming up with the perfect combination on how to get that done. That is the best thing to do if you need to add a ton of redirects for Wordpress.

    For other people, if you have a Drupal site, the module URL Redirect for Drupal 6 will be your best friend, and as NaturalNews said, 301's are the best.
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    thanks, anyone else have an opinion?

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