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Hello there,

Today, I will disclose some important issues that you needed to keep in mind when are planing to develop a website for your adsense earning.

First of all, you do not need to invest a lot of money for development a website. Just think of a website which is easy to use and SEO friendly. Most of time, people wast their time on developing a great website, they think that with out a eye catchy website, your website will not make money or in other words google will not bring it up in the search result. This is totally a wrong concept at the begging rather you should concentrate on the quality of the articles/content.

There are countless website that do not have good look and feel but when you search you find find them at top in the search engine. I do not say that a professional looking website is meaning less rather it is wastage if you are giving too much time on it at the begging.

Just keep few things in our mind at the begging

1. A good hosting provider.
This will be meaningless if your site is down. There are lot of scam in hosting providing. Do go for damn cheap or damn high.

2. Invest some extra bucks on logo because people will remember your site on vising your site.

3. Select a slogan for your site. A nice slogan will definitely promote your site

4. Put the meta tags correctly.

5. Wordpres is the best CSM for adsense

6. Put the tags while you are posting articles/content.

7. Write a SEO friendly subject for the articles. Google will index the subject in search engine.

8. Install SEO plugins

9. Create a facebook fan page for your site and put the link in your website
Do not forget to update/post the new articles in the facebook fan pages

10. Put your adsense ads in the website. This is a important things that needed to take extra care. The ads must as per google adsense terms.
Put the ads in the post and close to content. Match the ads back ground color with the website.

11. Include eye catchy pictures with the post.

12. Put the google analytic code

13. Finally, the content must be unique and informative.

To be continue..
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