How can I do this!? Like the New York Post....

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While doing a little research I was copying and pasting interesting facts to my text editor .....
When I did the same with an article I found on, low and behold there was an extra bit of information in my text editor: a link back to the original article. What a GREAT idea!!

edit: after posting this I saw that even when I try to type, ever so simply (without the **) www.n*y*p*o*s*t*.c*o*m

it magically transforms into the hyperlink:

but it does not transform if I type without the "www"
Here's and example:
I clicked on just any random article from New York News | Gossip | Sports | Entertainment | Photos - New York Post and copied a bit to my text editor and the "Read more" section adds itself.

"Eek! Subway rat attacks woman on A train
Last Updated: 1:29 AM, June 9, 2012
Posted: 3:21 PM, June 8, 2012

Read more: EyEP#ixzz1xHE3FpBO"

And it doesn't matter if it is the title, the whole article or just a random sentence:

“It was the most embarrassing moment of my life,” she said.
The scared rat scurried out onto the subway-car floor — and pandemonium broke loose.

Read more: EyEP#ixzz1xHEMd57L"

How can I do that??

Any ideas?


Sandra Walsh
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    I copied and pasted several articles and couldn't duplicate what happened to you until I turned off my pop-up blocker. It is probably done with javascript, but that's just an educated shot in the dark.
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    It's called Tynt.

    And yes, it's JavaScript. And it's a fantastic way to annoy the hell out of your users for the illusion of SEO value.
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      Originally Posted by dconjar View Post

      It's called Tynt.

      And yes, it's JavaScript. And it's a fantastic way to annoy the hell out of your users for the illusion of SEO value.
      Thanks for the article - VERY informative!!
      I have never seen this so any information is good information.
      I can see how this can be annoying - also it IS creepy that the sites "see" what you are copying and where you are copying it to.
      Like you said, I just deleted the extra info.

      What I did like about it, is that so many people just copy and paste and take it as their own .... they seem to forget that this came from someone else's hard work - this is just a reminder that "hey guys! This IS someone else's work!"
      Before you say it - I know that is a bit (totally) idealistic to think that putting a little snippet of info could change people stealing other people's work ... let me keep a little bit of my innocence.

      I still think it is "interesting" but I don't think I will try to use it.
      Thanks again for the info.
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