How to FTP to my GoDaddy Cloud server?

by d1ey0u
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I think this thread should be fine in this section because the people here I think would have the best solution. Sorry if if it's now.

A few weeks ago I hired a freelance programmer to write a few scripts for me. After he finished he then said I needed to have a virtual server so he could install a few things that he couldn't on my current hosting. He led me through the steps of setting up a Godaddy cloud server, and after he created himself an account, so he could upload all the scripts. I'm not exactly sure how he added FTP users, but he did. Port 22 has been forwarded to the my machine, and when I tried connecting with the original admin user I made while setting up the cloud server I get an authentication error.

I might have used a password that I normally don't use, so I thought my password was failing. From the Cloud Server Data Center I clicked on Users in the Library tab, and I added a new user. I waited about an hour, tried logging in with the newly created account, and it still fails with the same error as before.

Status: Connecting to
Response: fzSftp started
Command: open "******" 22
Command: Pass: *************
Error: Authentication failed.
Error: Critical error
Error: Could not connect to server

I also tried using the machine IP address for the hostname, but it does the same thing.

Like I said, I have port 22 forwarded to my machine. What do I have to do to connect to my damn server via FTP client!? The guy I hired lives in different time zone, and while I'm awake he sleeps, so I can really talk to him cuz I only have his Skype...
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