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I have a page in my WP site that I want to update twice daily with new information. The are daily meditations, one for morning and one for evening. I need the information to change on a single page, NOT create a new page every time it updates. So, for example, at 6am it updates an audio and text,then at 6pm it completely changes the audio and text but the page location stay the same, mysite/dailymeditation.htm

I want to create a months worth of pages so I do not have to deal with it, then after they are recorded for the year they will just automatically change on a daily basis

How can i Do that, I see some other similar sites that have a .asp tag on the end of their pages, but I need it to work with wordpress?
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    I don't think they can update twice daily though.
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    .asp is 'Active Server Pages', a Microsoft scripting language. WordPress is written in PHP.

    You're going to have to build a custom page template for that particular page that uses scripting to determine the text and audio files to be served depending on date and time.

    Off the top of my head, I'd probably use a custom post type. Then you can set the publish dates and times when you build the posts. Your template would pull the latest post available and display it.

    That's a very quick overview, obviously you'll have to get someone to build it for you.

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    This could be fairly easily written as a stand alone php page / script.
    But if it must be integrated with wordpress, I'd suggest outsourcing a plugin a to accomplish this.


    The cheap method would be to display the blog roll on the front page of the site, but only show 1 post (the whole post not the excerpt). Then write every change as a post and schedule them to publish at the times you mentioned (6 am & 6pm). With the right theme, it would look like the text/content of the site was being updated however often you wanted...

    Good luck
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