How can I build a certificate template?

by BenQ
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Does anyone know how or can give me a few tips on the below? Or tell me what discipline it requires and I'll post a job on odesk.

I want to build a page on a site that allows the user to type in a few words that will print out on a certificate. The certificate should have some pre-printed words, and then they can add to it, hit print, and out comes a certificate. I also want the certificate to print out as two on an 8.5x11 page.

The page should also have a graphic representation of the certificate to show the changes they are making to it.
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    Hi Friends,

    You could type everything in word and just use different fonts print horizontally. You could use a program like Printmaster that's pretty cheap that has some framed certificates and images in it. Easiest though would be to use an image from the internet of one and use a photo program to edit out names and add in his then print it. I hope you will get your answer.

    Thank You.
    Duncan Jones
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    If I have this right, you are looking for

    A web page for user to select a certificate background / template.

    Once certificate selection is made, a second page is displayed that shows an image of the certificate and allows the user to enter text directly on it.this will give them a live preview of their certificate.

    Once happy user hits the create button and they are emailed or given a download link to the certificate in a printable format.

    Skills required:
    (mySQL: if storing users details)

    PM me if you need assistance.
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    Tradeout, yes, that pretty much covers it. Details do not need to be stored.
    Sending you a pm.
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