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I am not sure if this is the right section, MODs, please move my thread if needed.

I have a static + wordpress website. The static part is your regular php site for lead gen. The wordpress part is more for putting in articles and doing some built in SEO.

Normally I only have either one and having making a site map is easy as there is nothing to consider. But I am not sure how to go about making a site map for hybrid site like this. Do i use the wordpress plugin, which in this case does not include the static site, or do I use another site map generator, in this case, I am not sure how that will work out for the wordpress section...
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    Hi, there

    As far as I know there's no out of the box solution. From what I've read there are WordPress sitemap plugins that let you add non WordPress static pages manually but that's only practical for a small static website.

    There are WordPress scripts out there that generate a sitemap without using a WP plugin. You just create a sitemap page in your theme and add the script. I once did that and it worked well and it would be possible to write some more PHP code that crawls through your static site and adds those pages to the WP pages.

    Basically the "sitemap" link on your static and WP site will point to the same WP sitemap page that runs both scripts one after the other.

    As you can see this requires programming. And, I think, my attempt at explaining it is clear as mud. Sorry about that.

    Hope someone has the right solution for you
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    Nothing prevents you from:

    Using a WordPress plugin for WordPress and a normal sitemapper for the rest.

    Using a general sitemapper for it all.

    WordPress is not different for a general sitemapper tool (such as A1 Sitemap Generator, GSiteCrawler etc.) than anything else. You can also configure most/some tools to leave out sections of what should get crawled and/or included in generated sitemaps. (e.g. A1SG comes with an optional WordPress configuration preset, but you can also do the configuration yourself.)
    A1 Website Analyzer - Fix broken links, duplicate titles and headers, custom text search, link sculpting...
    A1 Sitemap Generator - Create sitemaps including text, xml, video, image, mobile, news and visual
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