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Does anyone know how Pinterest works with respect to searching.

I have a bunch of pinned images from my website with descriptions, yet when I search on them they don't show. Do you have to have so many shares and likes before they show up in the search results?
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    How long ago did you post them? I would assume that it takes at least some time to index all the content they must receive. And they probably don't update there indexed content every second.
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    According to my knowledge you need to get more likes and shares to make it appear on the top of the site. But to make it appear on Google's SERP, you got to optimize the pin.
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    I have posted them within the last week.

    AntiqueOutings (antiqueoutings) on Pinterest

    An example is you search on Pinterest for "Hotchkiss stapler", 5 results display.

    I have an image in my Antique Stapler Board with the description
    Hotchkiss Stapler - In Japan the word for the Hotchkiss Stapler is called ホチキス, ruffly translated hochikisu, but as it turns out staplers in general are called hochikisu. In Korea, staplers are called 호치키스, or hochikiseu. It is presumed the Koreans borrowed the word from Japan.

    I would think that it should show up based on this, but it doesn't.

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    They don't reveal it unfortunately
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    Pinterest is a website for organize and share all the beautiful things on web site. The pinterest is a fun way to discover new think and idea people who shares.
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