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Hi guys

I'm new to this and am trying to build a Facebook app that runs from a canvas page on my WordPress blog.

I'm using the Facebook I frames made ez pluginwhere I have a message on the page before they like it and after

All the info I can find on the seems outdate, is it still possible to do this or has Facebook changed and these functions are gone
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    The pluin..Is it compatible with your wordpress version?
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    Applications are one of the best ways to discover the full energy of Facebook or myspace. Our custom Facebook or myspace application team create labeled apps that energy involvement with customers, developing your business into the core Facebook or myspace experience.
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    It's simple.. create a new canvas based app then enter your site URL. They will use the URL to integrate your site via an "invisible" iframe which will make your site visible directly into apps.facebook.com/your-app-name
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    u can look at codecanyon,its a good source for fb apps
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    Are you using Iframe?
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    I want to build custom facebook app, How to start???
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      Originally Posted by torrao View Post

      I want to build custom facebook app, How to start???
      become a facebook developer in

      change the xx for tt and the 0 for o

      there you create your app name and setup the information for the canvas
      and your get your app developer key witch after you will use so people use your app, and give you permission to post in their facebook, to get their email, to upload images in their behalf. go to the developer sections and start with the api

      also look on youtube for tutorials. there are tons of them. its very easy
      you only need a little bit of time and a few skills but its fairly simple
      anyone can do it

      More than 105 modules , scrapes, post and make money.

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