Does this course include everything I'll need to know to get into web development?

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I am wanting to learn web programming/development. I figure my best bet will be to take a course at the local college. The thing is, I'm not sure exactly what all I will need to learn to begin a career in web development. Here's a link to the course outline. Does this course seem like it will be everything I need or is it missing anything?

Microsoft Web Developer Certification Training-Online Career Training Program-Outline
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    Not everything. I think in just a few videos for HTML and CSS, the course will not be able to cover all the aspects. Also, the server side language in the course is ASP.NET while most sites on the web are built with PHP and Python.

    If you are a beginner, I suggest you learn HTML, CSS first. The basic will cost you around a week. Then start to learn jQuery or pure javascript, your choice. After that, you can pick either PHP or Python. PHP hosting is cheaper than Python FYI.

    Good luck
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      Originally Posted by ocaswiz View Post

      Not everything.
      I agree with ocaswiz on that.

      You were also a little broad with the question though. There are hundreds of languages used for web development. Your best to focus on a specific area of web development.

      ocaswiz is right though, you need to understand html and css before anything else would be worth pursuing.
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    I want to be able to design websites and be able to turn them into Wordpress themes. I have the design part down, so I just need to know what to learn to work with and for Wordpress. Web site development.
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      Originally Posted by Larches View Post

      I want to be able to design websites and be able to turn them into Wordpress themes.
      Got it!
      Need a solid understanding of html and css first (html5 & css3 are mainstream now), PHP, WordPress specific knowledge (WP Codex), Javascript, and this is enough to start.
      Become awesome at creating your design (Photoshop or your choice), then code your design so it works perfectly, then code it to WP which is not difficult if you pay attention to the details.
      Good luck!
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    You guys rock!

    @Jacob, I already spend 6+ hours a day sitting here designing sites that never make it past Photoshop. I definitely have the time to put in. Could you possibly refer me to your favorite source for starting HTML5? I know W3Schools has been around FOREVER and I actually began learning HTML and CSS there several years ago but didn't follow through. I've heard some bad things about them, though. What do you suggest?
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    Originally Posted by Jacob Cassidy View Post

    Yeah, I would avoid W3Schools except for quick reference to look at. They have nothing to do with W3C and are full of errors. Not to mention the site is chaotic and not formatted well for learning.

    There are so many good resources online for web development. Your best action plan would probably be to pick one or two for basic knowledge and go from there.

    You can grab a couple books off amazon to get started, like:

    - Head First HTML and CSS

    - Stylin' With CSS

    And/or just stick to free online sources like:
    - 30 Days to Learn HTML and CSS
    - Learn CSS Positioning in Ten Steps
    - Learn jQuery in Real Time

    From there you can google specific things and find tutorials for them. Like I said, they're there in abundance. Blogs like CSS Tricks, A List Apart, Net Tuts, Spoon Graphics, etc. Just google "Best Web Development Blogs". The key is not to get overwhelmed and instead choose a couple things, finish them, then move on to the next thing.

    Use the broaden and deepen method. Expand horizontally by learning a little about a lot, then deepen by choosing a few specific things and going in-depth with them. Rinse and repeat.

    Edit: Also, I recommend downloading Sublime Text 2 for writing your markup and code. Very useful (and free).
    Thank you so much, Jacob.

    I started the 30 day HTML and CSS course and I'm over halfway through it already. I didn't realize that I was familiar with so much from all the editing Wordpress and HTML templates that I've done over the years. It turns out that I'm pretty fluent in HTML and the basics of CSS.
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