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Hi Guys,

please stay with me on this one as it may be hard to explain what I need but here goes,

I want to know if there is a program or if anyone can build me one for the below

I want to gather the search results that google gives when typing in the search box, so for example if i type Dog trainers in A......
the most searched terms will apear in a dropdown so not actullay hitting search, then I do it again with B, C, D etc,
But I also want it to search all google domains .COM .CO.UK .CO.NZ .IT .FR etc,

So i want to input the start of a keyword or phrase into the program then have the results for the entire alphabet and all domains displayed in possible an Excel format,

really sorry if i did not explain it porperly,

any advice, products, price to build will be great,

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    The data you're referring to is called "Google autocomplete". This is the only software I know of that scrapes that data...

    Keyword Researcher: A Long Tail Keywords Generator Tool

    ^ I've not personally tried it though, so I have no idea whether it's any good or not.

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    The results will be the same for each country. You can test that manually if you'd like. I can write this software for you pretty quickly. The software above does the work and it's almost $40. Pay for my War Room and I'll write a small app for you that does this and give you the source code.
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      Just did a little more digging, out of curiosity. Looks like there is an undocumented URL that displays Google search autocomplete data via XML output. Replace "keyword" below with the keyword of your choice (and if your keyword contains multiple words, use a + between the words instead of a space)...


      Pretty cool, huh?

      Would be a cinch to grab & parse the XML output with pretty much any programming language.

      Not sure what sort of limit there is for this though, as it's not part of Google's official API. So I'm sure if you use automated means to scrape this data too fast, you'll be temporarily blocked. If so, a proxy-based solution could be implemented.

      So... there ya go.

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