Need Guinea Pigs to test Free Text Message System.

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Hi Warriors,

I would like to ask a favor of you. I have set up a new Free Text Message sending site but as I'm a 1 man OP I can't test for more than my own cell phone.

Please see:

I would like as many people from as many cellphone providers/countries as possible to test my Text Message System from the list of Cell Phone Carriers/Providers and post your results here. This uses the same Email to SMS gateway as many popular Wordpress plugins etc., but I would like to see how reliable it is. (I have already had troubles with Ireland's Meteor provider).

Info to post here in this thread after testing:
  • Did you receive the message you sent to your cell phone?
  • What Country you're from?
  • What Carrier/provider you used?
  • If you received the message, approx. how long did it take to receive?
I thank you ever so much for your help. Scan the thread, if someone has already posted using the same cellphone provider as you, you do not need to test. I only need 1 tester per Carrier/Provider.

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