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Hello, I want to know what is HTTP, HTTPS and Socks5 proxies. What is Low, Medium, High + KA? I also see some offer VPN proxies and wonder if those can be plugged into programs that use proxies (IPort)?

Currently what I want to do is use proxies for tracking purposes through Google without having access blocked. That's what I see with free public proxies and want to buy cheap proxies that would do the fine job. I think those are called shared/semi-dedicated.

Thanks for clarifications beforehand.
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    I know that this post is a year old but the questions asked raise some good questions I'd like to answer. If it's too old for me to post to I'm sure I'll be moderated by that's fine I'll answer the questions anyway.

    The low, medium, and high is the anonymity level. For SEO or content marketing which I believe is a more accurate term you should never use anything but highly anonymous proxies. All private proxy providers provide highly anonymous proxies there is no reason why they would sell anything else.

    As far as a VPN goes for use with SEO tools, I don't think it's optimal as you can usually only use one IP at a time, sometimes like in the case of HMA you can switch the IP out every few minutes but that IP is probably being used by many people and if it's being blocked by what you're trying to post to then you won't be posting until it automatically switches itself out. You can sit there and test the ones that work for you but that kinda defeats the purpose of automation which are what SEO tools do.
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