Which programming language would you recommend learning?

by Chett
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I've been interested in learning to program for a while but have not had much time. I learn't a little bit of php a while ago, just some simple stuff like connecting to mysql databse, inserting data etc.
Would you still recommend carrying on with php or would you recommend something else. It seems like more and more people are using mobile these days - so I'm wondering if it would be better to learn something else.

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    I've been programming as a job for several years now. I'm primarily a web developer, so I use PHP, MySQL, JS, CSS, etc on a daily basis.

    What are you wanting to do with programming skills? If it's mobile apps, what platform are you wanting to focus on? If you want to do Android, definitely learn Java. For iOS, C/C++. Objective-C, which is what iOS apps are done in, comes easily from there.

    That said, mobile webapps are also getting more popular recently. For those you could use your existing knowledge of PHP and MySQL and expand to learn a web framework. I've been doing a lot of work with Laravel lately, and I've found myself to really like it. My most recent project has been a mobile game in Laravel.

    I've also found that it doesn't make sense to "half learn" a bunch of different languages. Pick one at a time and become proficient in it before picking up something new.
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    It depends in which field you want to establish your business. If you want to develop iOS apps and games then start with C language then you can learn obj-c. For Android apps, java. if you want to build cross platform apps then go for Lua, Corona SDK , Gideros, LOVE all of them based on LUA language.

    For web development PHP, javascript, CSS and HTML with MYSQL. For Graphic Design Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. For desktop game development lot of opensource GUI tools like STENCYL. Most of them are drag and drop features.

    For Desktop application development, you can go for .NET , Clipper/xHarbour, Visual Basic. My pick is xHarbour.

    I had been in IT industry for the past 18+ years worked as consultant and other senior positions. My suggestion is start with web development and desktop application development then you can learn mobile development.

    Hope it helps!

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    You should learn Android or iPhone development if you are interesting in mobile apps. There is booming in these sectors and lot of scope as well. But if you had learnt php already then try to learn it in more customize way so that you will be able to do worthy. In my opinion all language has their own platforms and it's on your interest that in which you want to make your career accordingly.
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    Being a programmer really shouldn't imply that you can only write stuff in x language or y language. Programming is really more about abstract thought and algorithm/data structure implementation than a specific language. If you ever want to get a job as a programmer, don't expect to get hired if you say...well I know visual basic pretty well; but it's the best language ever; being redesigned to be object oriented and having support by microsoft, so I don't write programs in anything else.
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      Originally Posted by kaufenpreis View Post

      Being a programmer really shouldn't imply that you can only write stuff in x language or y language. Programming is really more about abstract thought and algorithm/data structure implementation than a specific language.
      True story, a language is just another syntax but the concepts are the same. For learning purposes I recommend a strict language like Java. Don't start in PHP.
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    As you are saying you had learnt basics of PHP then it would be good for you to learn advance concepts of PHP. Make good knowledge of any specific language, but if you want to go into the mobile app development field, then you have to learn android or iPhone development courses.
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    I recommended java to learn for your bright future. All the best.
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    As others said, it depends on what you would like to do. For mobile, looking into JavaScript and a mobile web app framework would also be an option.
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    As you said that you have knowledge of PHP then you should go through php for web development.
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    If you already have a basic understanding of PHP, then keep going and learn some advanced stuff. At the same time, look what field you're also interested in and start there. Desktop, Mobile etc
    You might want to look into Java
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    It really depends what you are developing if you developing windows platform web app then you should go for .net otherwise go for php
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    for making games c++

    for making productivity apps c#
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    I think you should learn html,css, JS, java.By java language you can make web applications, software applications and games also. For java tutorials please visit https://www.facebook.com/ProfessionalJavaTutorials
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    i recommended you to lean C#
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    There are many computer languages to choose from when you are looking to start programming. There are also many factors to take into account such as:

    What do you want to develop? Software? Games? Plugins? Scripts?

    If you are interested to develop a windows based application software then prefer java or .net, otherwise PHP is best for web application development.
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    I would recommend Php
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    I would learn Java as a) It's one of the easier languages to learn and b) You can almost guarantee yourself a job if you know that language
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    I suggested to learn the php or jave programming language.If you are going in the development process or work then this two languages are important.YOu can easily learn these two programs.Programming language tutorials and the information are available on the internet.
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    You can learn the c language.This languages syntax is similar to the php.If you learn the c then you can easily study about the c++ and the PHP.
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