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Hello, I run into a problem with hostgator. In short, two days ago I wanted to register for a baby plan for six months, however due to the us dollar conversion to canadian dollars, I did not have enough money on my prepaid visa. I couldnt change the plan automatically, so I had to call them, the waiting time was like 30 minutes, and that was around 1 am eastern time. Then I told them my problem, they took another 20 minutes to solve. lol They told me that now I can just re register. I did that, and paid 15.01 for a month with a domain. Now, when I checked the domain, it is still available to register, and of course I cant use it. I contacted them on the phone but after 30 minutes no response, I started a live chat, 30 minutes later some guy replies, makes poor excuses, takes another 10 minutes to tell me that he opened the support ticket with his superiors, because there was a problem with registration. I ask him how much time will it take to solve the problem to which he replies that he doesnt know and have no idea, I kept asking, finally he says that all support tickets are processed in timely Judging that it takes them 20 to 30 minutes and more to answer a phone or a live chat, I wonder how many support tickets they may have, and how much time it could take to solve a silly problem like domain registration?

How can a big company like this have such horrible customer service. i was with them two years ago, and it was failry good experience. Now, theres no reply on the phone, and when it happens, they dont even solve the problem. They must have outsourced the customer service. In fact the same guy that answered me seem to be the same guy that uses live chat, the first and last name were same. Its unbelievable.
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    I agree Hostgator support team is one of the worst,,,, its best to just use GoDaddy..
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    Never expect to get first rate service in the middle of the night. The web is 24/7, but staffing is more or less adjusted to handle peak customer service demands according to US normal business hours.

    Your second mistake was trying to get a domain from the company your are hosting at. You experienced exactly one of the problems that underlie the common warning to keep them separate. That is not limited to Hostgator.


    ...Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just set there.
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    heard a lot of complaints about HG, my hosting company ( have ticket system instead of chat, usually I get the response in 10-15 minutes with problem fixed email. I think ticket system is a better way to solve problems instead of long holds on live chat or phone.

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    I've used HG for 5 years. They used to be very quick. Chat Support wait was usually 6 minutes and they can usually take care of everything in 1 session. However, lately it has been 30 minutes wait, and I've had to come back 4 times because I cannot wait 30 minutes, took 1 week to resolve 1 problem because of my busy schedule on top of their wait times. So, I think it's a recent change in their support architecture, perhaps not enough agents to help out?

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      Hostgator got bought out by a large web hosting company (forgot the name).

      Ever since then they have been horrid. Same with Bluehost. Chat is always a 30 minute wait and I don't even bother calling anymore.

      I left HG and have been using LiquidWeb and Digital Ocean.

      LiquidWeb has the BEST support I have seen from any hosting company. Always get a response on a ticket within 30 minutes and chat/phone is of course way quicker. Really no need though with their ticketing system being so great.

      Never used Digital Ocean support, but it is a build and manage your own server type of deal so you are pretty responsible for your own support
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    hostgator made me lose money about a 6 years ago, so i moved, then a friend told me rescent he has no problems, moved a few sites over, problems again. I am done and there support sucks
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    I have several clients for whom I setup hosting accounts at Hostgator. When running multiple websites it seems to get very slow, I have seen a few clients tho (1-2), with a large amount of websites and very fast server on Hostgator.

    Despite this fact I am paying a little bit more somewhere else.

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