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I am starting to run add words campaigns. My question: If you are using add words to see the popularity of a product (judging by page impressions) do you need to put a legit URL in the bottom line if you are just testing the waters before you buy the domain?

Also, what are the page impressions? A product I was going to promote had 30 searches a day according to word-tracker. But I ran an ad-words campaign and had over 600 impressions in a day. According to Google an impression is anytime somebody views the page right?

Thanks Guys

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    Hi cms418,

    Yes, you need a legitimate URL because before AdWords will approve your ad for display, they will test your landing page to make sure it's working and that it matches the domain of your display URL.

    They also will determine it's relevance to your ad text and keywords for quality score purposes.
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      Any idea about page impressions anyone?
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        Hi cms418,

        Each time your ad is displayed it is counted as an impression. You could have many impressions due to the use of broad match as well as impressions from the content network.

        In both of these cases, you could have far more impressions than the number of searches. Also, Wordtracker is only a panel estimate and is often inaccurate with lower volume search terms.
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          well, to get a real idea of the search a search only campaign (turn off the content network). also, run your keywords on exact match only, otherwise variations of your main keyword will be triggering your ad, which will inflate your impressions and give you false data. running exact match only you can get an idea of the real impressions.

          If you're promoting something as an affiliate, I would at minimum directly link to your offer. You dont want to chance running an add just to see impressions and have it go to some generic URL for which you can make your money back. You will probably get clicks, so monetize those clicks if possible, even before you buy a domain name.

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