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Just purchased Angela's package and I'm quite pleased with how thorough the instructions are. I have two questions.

1) How many backlinks would you typically build on each page?

2) Could it be detrimental in any way to consistently pair the same two links (with the same anchor text each time) together each time? These are two different links to two different pages with different anchor text for each, but could pairing them together so quickly on so many pages be harmful in any way?

Thanks for the help
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    1) Build as many as you can, but watch the speed at which you build them. Maybe 5 links per day, per page is a good pace. The links that she includes are very good also. I have been able to greatly improve my rankings with her links.

    2) No. You should be fine doing that.

    To your success!

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    if you earn hundreds of thousand of backlinks but you're website is running for only 3 months.. You should watch out for that... too much is not good as you may think...
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    Some say too many back links will get you filtered... but my experience tells me otherwise.

    I get over 300 links / day from high PR sites and not having a problem, many be 1,000 is too much?? I don't know.

    Some of my sites is less than 3 months but don't see any problem with that, may be they are referring to low PR links. (PR 3 and below)

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    It all depends on the quality of the links.

    If you have a brand new website and publish a fantastic piece of content then its normal for thousands of websites to link to you even hundreds of thousands depending on the quality and topic. If you write about something that is currently very popular don't you think you are gonna get a lot of links and fast? Imagine if you were the first to announce Michael Jacksons death? Do yo think you would just get 10 links a day??

    So a huge number of links is fine but only if there from sites which google likes and is not in a bad "neighborhood"

    Quality really matters, also you don't know when the sites your linking from gets spidered from the SE's, you could build 100 links today but they wont all be seen by the SE'S in the same day? or maybe they will?


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    You could do hundreds of new links per day and very likely not raise the slightest suspicion at any SE. Like Andy says: not every site gets indexed every day.
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    Originally Posted by dandee0014 View Post

    Just purchased Angela's package and I'm quite pleased with how thorough the instructions are. I have two questions.
    But what exactly is Angela's package? :confused:

    You can build quality links but watch your speed. Dont go for too many links in a day.
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