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Hi guys,

One of the websites of my client is getting an alarming bounce rate. The design of the site is awesome especially the logo.

The logo has been designed professionally and it is something that you wouldnt have seen with many sites. The site is: Cubet Techno Labs | Enterprise Mobile App Development | Web & Mobile Solutions

However, bounce rate is really alarming. Kindly help me to provide the client with some suggestions or advices.
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    Try to add some more content. Its a one page website. So, may be it requires something more. Logo is good but what about the other info. for which client is looking for? Use social media also.
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    I did a research post on this and you need to know a few things...

    “Bounce Rate is the percentage of single-page sessions (i.e. sessions in which the person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page)."

    This means the person has not been interacting with any other page on your website however you could do a few things right off the bat. First, you have to realize that if a person reads through your whole page and leaves, Google will still mark this as a bounce because they failed to visit another page. Again, they could be on the page and read completely through it and leave but it would be a bounce tick. I installed a plugin on Wordpress which lets Google Anlytics know every 10 seconds that the person is still on the page which lowered my bounce rate dramatically. I would start by installing this plugin if your using Wordpress and see what happens.


    Website speed will increase bounce rate because people are NOT going to wait for a page to load. You have to remember that people are usually in a hurry to find information and do not wait for a page to load and would live. The rule of thumb is your page should load at about 2-3 seconds. You can test the speed by using Google speed test or Pingdom (FREE TOOLS)


    It can even be the content you link to without your page. If it's NOT relevant people will not have an additional resource to go to which means they again EXIT off that single page. However, this again doesn't mean they didn't engage with the landing page, it means they left without visiting another page. You have plugins that can help you interlink your content.

    I have about 7-8 reasons why bounce rate can be high...

    Here's my research post which can help you out...

    8 Proven Ways On How To Reduce Bounce Rate – From My Top Bloggers.8 Proven Ways On How To Reduce Bounce Rate
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    A high bounce rate can be caused by one or many different factors, including:

    Have un-clear navigation
    Heavy use of Java Script and Flash Images
    High Loading Time
    The people coming to your website aren’t the right people
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    Try to link content internally from your posts.
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    Originally Posted by alexjames212 View Post

    Hi guys,
    The design of the site is awesome especially the logo.
    That's your opinion of course.

    Personally, I hate any site that doesn't clearly present it's purpose straight away.

    I shouldn't have to wait through a blank screen with a spinning graphic, then a big empty page with one sentence that doesn't tell me what the site is all about and then scroll down to finally get some useful info.

    I shouldn't have to go though hoops just to get to the meat of your site.
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    I agree with UMS, I have no idea what the site is about without scrolling. BTW, where's the browser scrollbar (awkward unless your on a tablet)? The scrolling sitewide navigation links is also awkward/annoying.

    Anyways, looks like you need a better call to action above the fold. Google unbounce.
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    The high bounce rate is because the site has no focus and it's ugly. The green is just really bad and reminds me of a dental or medical color.

    The parallax is choppy as all get out and why do you have it?

    Parallax is one of the worst things that ever happened in web design. It's even worse than home page slideshows.

    Matter of fact the only thing worse than seeing parallax is when you go to a site and some idiot steps from the side of your screen out onto your monitor and begins to loudly announce to everybody within earshot the benefits... Of their company's patented dermatitis salve that can miraculously relieve the agony of your case of unrelenting scrotal itch.

    Also the site loads slow.

    A couple of times when I clicked to get back to the home page this green circle with the letter B in the center of it parked itself in the middle of the page and just flipped and flipped and flipped... Forever. Till I just finally left.

    This site has ugly baby syndrome written all over it. And the vaunted Logo? It's a mega turd. Flush it.

    Later on after I have some cheap WalMart wine I'll come back and let you know what I really think.
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      Website loading time can have a major impact on the bounce rate.

      What is your current bounce rate %?

      Where is your target market? Do you just serve India, or the whole World, or just specific countries?

      I've just run this speed test for you for a customer based in London using a Fibre Optic internet connection. If your target market is somewhere else, you can change this when performing a new search.

      WebPagetest Test Result - London :

      Work through the items it has flagged up and try to reduce your loading time.

      As a comparison, I'm using a very minimalistic website design and have got my first page loading time down to 3 seconds on the same test conditions. Another website I have hosted in the USA was showing a loading time of 14 seconds, but by spending a day optimising the site, I was able to get this down to 5.5 seconds (when visited from London).

      Edit: The test has now finished. You've got some good grades, but there are a lot of requests made. Try to see if you can reduce those down. Also get a caching plugin and then sign up and connect it to the free version of Cloudflare. This will reduce your website loading times all across the world.
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    I think it's safe to say loading times is the least of the site problems. I'm sure traffic just has no idea where to go next. There's too many distractions & clumsy site navigation.

    If you want traffic to perform a task you have to make it obvious (ex: call to action, sales funnel, etc...).
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    Cubet Techno Labs <--- seems a bit ambiguous doesn't it ?

    I scanned down the page, not wanting to read the smaller text trying to figure out what it is.

    "Technology is changing exponentially, Our Brains & Machines are loaded with high tech Web, Mobile, Social commerce Solutions & Tools" <-------- ambiguous, nothing above the fold explains what this is about, and I'm not really that interested to read more.

    Oh wait I see, after going all the way to the bottom and back up I see Web Development, in something like an H4 text. I think that should be more obvious and above the fold.

    I feel the website should use more colors. It's current color pallet is boring.

    The devs need to speed that up, I would suggest using more URLs on sub domains to load some of the content from. Also go asynchronous, currently on the analytic code on the site is asynch.

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    Originally Posted by alexjames212 View Post

    However, bounce rate is really alarming. Kindly help me to provide the client with some suggestions or advices.
    The website by itself consists only of few sales pages. There are thousands of websites around the web that offers web services. To decrease your bounce rate, you need to provide something unique or a great deal of quality in your pages. Otherwise, you won't be giving any reason for your visitors to stay in.

    The design helps but without quality content, it means nothing really.

    Content marketing is what you need to focus on those days to get quality traffic.

    Hope that helps!
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    Not to sound to harsh but when you stop looking at your website through rose tinted glasses the problem is very obvious, you can have all the great logos you want, from what i see thats all that seems to matters to you is the website's look,

    Waiting for a spinning graphic to load, an produce an empty page while i wait, kinda pisses me of enough to leave right their and then , the website speed is not quick either, and when the page does load, i see nothing untill i start scrolling, and when i do scroll i see little to no content, this is why people are leaving

    try building your website for the visitors, the rewards are obvious

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    I just realized OPs forum avatar is the same as the site logo but the site/link in OP is supposed to be a client site?
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    Don't give all information on the homepage. Write some interesting lines on the homepage so that the visitors are motivated to visit other pages too.
    It will surely reduce your bounce rate.
    Download Images for Social Media (Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram etc) 100% free.
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