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Hello everyone. I just launched my first website about 48 hours ago, and I have several questions/concerns. But first I would like to thank everyone on this forum and the countless other sources I used to learn about SEO, affiliate marketing, and AdSense.

My first problem is that it's been 48 hours and the googlebot has not crawled my site (none of the search engines have) even though I submitted the site to them! I'm thinking this could be because I use absolute instead of relative links? Because when I do a scan at those SEO scanner sites, it tells me 0 internal links found!? But the links work just fine. Let me know what you think please.

Now that the site is live, I am preparing a marketing plan that will drive traffic to my site, including posting articles at sites like ezinearticles, a (small) PPC campaign with adwords, and asking all my friends to take a look at the site. I will also be searching for great backlinks by contacting certain websites/companies directly. Finally, I am a member of several computer-related forums, and will be making posts on those forums with a link to my website in my signature. But, don't I want to wait till the search engines at least acknowledge my existence before doing these things?

Last but not least, do I need to provide a NOSCRIPT for every script on my pages? I read that is a WCAG standard...

I appreciate any and all feedback. I understand it's my first website and I'm begging for criticism. I know the home page is terrible, I'll be doing a complete overhaul next week. My site is building-a-computer.com

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    Originally Posted by geoffrussel View Post

    But, don't I want to wait till the search engines at least acknowledge my existence before doing these things?
    Congrats on getting your site up! I really can't speak to the Script question, so I'll leave that to the other warriors out there. But I do want to reply to the one quoted above.

    If you really want your site to get indexed in the search engines, then you should start doing all of the tactics you mentioned above. The quickest way to get indexed is not submitting your site to the search engines. It is to get links back to your site from other sites that get crawled regularly. Among my favorite are Twitter, Squidoo, & Facebook.

    Good luck!

    Read my blog on SEM: http://loveridgemarketing.com

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    A good way to get your site indexed fast is to set up a few web 2.0 websites like wordpress.com, Squidoo.com, or blogger.com They are free.

    You just write a short unique article that is key word focused and has relevent content - relevent to your main website - and link back to your main website from your web 2.0 websites.

    Google loves the above mentioned websites and the googlebot (Googles Spider) is all over them all the time so your website can sometimes get indexed within a few hours.

    Wishing you success!
    Never Give Up, Be Confident In What You Do.

    There may be tough times, but the difficulties which you face
    will make you more determined to achieve your objectives
    and to win against all the odds.
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    Submit your site to social bookmarks to get indexed quickly in search engines
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    Your site looks great!

    Great site for the first one!!

    To get it indexed do these;

    1. go to Stumbleupon and submit it.
    2. Submit it to Digg
    3. Find a relevant blog in your niche that allow comments automatically approved - make a comment with a link back to your site, then stumble their blog. You should be indexed within 30 Minutes....
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    Set up a sitemap on your page and connect it to your home page and submit it to Google webmaster Tool.
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    Okay now I am officially concerned:

    I went to Google Webmaster tools, clicked on sitemaps, and it says Last Downloaded by Google: 17 JULY 09. Total URLs in Sitemap: 0. Sitemap Type: Web. Status: OK.

    If you take a look at my sitemap, it is very simple and I cannot see how it's possible Google would say no links found. There are no syntax errors on the page. I have submitted my site to Stumbleupon AND set up a Squidoo blog linking to it. No indexing.

    The only piece of information on the Dashboard is one HTTP crawl error that says "Domain name not found" on 13 JULY 09, but the domain wasn't even registered until the 15th!!

    Oh, and Google Analytics is working perfectly, and so is AdSense. I think I'll just work on some cool new content for now, and forget about the indexing. But if anyone can see anything blatently obvious that I'm doing wrong, please let me know!
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    For getting your site indexed by Google, try going to Google Webmaster Tools and submitting your site along with a sitemap. There's a ton of stuff in there to play around with that will help you out with SEO big time.
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      hi dear
      no doubt you have done a great job.
      now if you want to indexed your site then submit your site articles on pingomatic, hubpages and digg.
      these are social sites.they "ll help you to index your site.
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    Don't panic. It takes some time for the search engines to find you. Just get some links back to your site and you'll be indexed usually within a couple of weeks. If you can get a link on a site that is crawled frequently you can get indexed within a day or two.
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      I just found out using a traceroute that my DNS server does not have a PTR record... not sure if that could be making a difference.

      Also in my server stat logs it says Googlebot came through and had 61 page hits... so it definitely got my site. So did the Yahoo! bot... but I'm not indexed... weird.

      I just gave Bing my URL yesterday. We'll see if they come through.
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