What difference do TLD's make?

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Hi warriors.

What difference do TLD's make in terms of SEO and page rank? Do they make a difference?

For example, I have a good keyword and I can get a (keyword).info or a (keyword).net domain (the .com is taken). But will my page rank and SEO be affected by using either of those TLD's? And are there any other pros / cons to consider?

Thanks for the help. I'm still quite new to this and learning every day.
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    Yup, always good idea to place keyword in the domain name
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    I guess the TLD's is more to do with how well known these are. In case of .info and .net, .net seems to have an edge as people have said that .info is being used by spammers and therefore should be avoided.

    But my personal experience with .info TLD has been great.

    I launched a site almost a month ago with .info domain and currently I am at number 5 out of 17,400,000for my main keyword.
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    Keywords in domains names are golden.

    ".com" will always rank higher than say . . . ".in" - Unless your in india.

    I have got keyword domains that pull in 19k searches / month and made it to #1 with NO BACK LINKING and just good content (you do the math).
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    Of course I prefer .com if I can get it, but I've gotten .net and .info domains to rank quite well for some competitive keywords, so I don't think TLDs matter in terms of SEO and page rank. You may miss out on some type-in traffic, but that's about it.
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    I have to agree with diggy20, I like .com too, but it isnt completely necessary. I think it has more to do with what you do with the domain than the domain itself, though having the keyword in the domain is a definite plus.
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