Backlinking experiment - did I screw up?

by jendoe
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I decided to try the "Angela experiment" for myself...

I'm still very new to IM, and I'm wondering if I've managed to screw this up already.

Here's what I did (as per the experiment!):

- Picked out a niche that seems like it would have desperate buyers in pain.

- Found a product in Clickbank for this niche, picked one that has a good looking sales page.

- Got my own .info domain. Put a redirect in the headers to go directly to the sales page. (This was in case the experiment worked, but the product got taken away - so I could easily sell something else down the road, or create my own product.)

- Wrote an article and published it on goarticles. I wrote from personal experience, around my keyword (keyword phrase is the first part of the title and in the first sentence), and gave good, solid advice without being too salesy. (Bio box has a link to my .info page that redirects to the sales page.)

- Began backlinking. I set up my backlinks to with my keyword phrase as the anchor text, and pointing to my article on goarticles.

Oh, and my keyword phrase gets between 30k-45k searches/month (according to Google keywords), and has between 500k-600k search results (it varies daily when I check it) with NO quotes.


Here's the problem: I started backlinking the same morning that my article became visible to me on goarticles.

I've gone through maybe 20 of the links (minus 4-5 that don't seem to allow linking anymore).

BUT - I don't think Google even knows my little article exists! When I try to search for the exact title, in quotes, it doesn't come up at all. It also doesn't come up if I search for the title with "site:" set to GoArticles. (It still shows up fine on GoArticles, but not in Google).

Should I have waited until the article was found by Google before starting the backlinking, or does that matter? I started backlinking Thursday morning, so maybe it's just too soon to see anything at all?

Did I totally screw it up, already? Or am I just not being patient enough?

Thanks for any advice!
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    Hi Jen,

    Here's a way you can find out for sure whether or not Google has indexed your article. Type this into Google: "<some text>"

    Replace <some text> with your author name on Go Articles, or the headline of your article. Keep the quotes, as they have significance in Google. Make sure what you type appears exactly as it does in the article. For example, if your headline is Big Yellow Dog, you can't enter "Big Dog" need to enter "Big Yellow Dog".

    If after following these instructions you don't see your article, Google hasn't indexed it yet.

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      Hi megaresp - yup, that's what I was checking (and just went back and double checked with the author name, instead of the long title) - still not indexed!

      Is it bad to start backlinking if the article hasn't been indexed yet? I thought articles on GA would get indexed pretty quickly, since Google must "know" they have tons of new pages added daily? :confused:
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  • Profile picture of the author Tom Brite
    Just leave it for a while and then it will get indexed.

    You can also ping it (see this thread).

    Tom Brite
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      I don't use GA any longer but when I did it always took a while for the article to show up in the "G." Keep backlinking and it will show.
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        Awesome, thanks guys! And, Tom - thanks for the ping pointer! What a great tip! I just went and did it!
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          socially bookmark the article

          grab the rss feed off the article direfcty site and add it to feedage and's rss feed aggregation sites

          ping it with pingomatic .com and pingler

          build links ...

          do the above to the pages where you added backlinks ...

          create a google alert in a google account for your keyword[s] in quotes - it will alert you when google indexes-sees stuff related to your keyword. Set one up for your name too ... and your product
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            You might want to look in your logs to see if it has been crawled. Reddit and Digg have been known to cause a site to get crawled within a few hours. I would bookmark it with one of these and maybe a few more and check the logs. If it is getting crawled, then it is only a matter of time before it shows up in the indexes. If it is not getting crawled then you need to change tactics.
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