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We have a lot of page titles with characters below 30. Is this a problem? I read in some articles we are missing an opportunity to add more relevant details for search engines and people.
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    You may be missing an opportunity, but I wouldn't bother too much - do not add content either in the title or in the page for the sake of adding. If people will understand the context of the page with a shorter title, so be it.

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    Your page title should make sense and looks natural. The keywords used in title is less important today. You can find there are many pages ranking on the top with no keywrods inserted.

    A natural title will make visitors know what your content is related to, then attract right audience.
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    If the titles describe the content keep them as they are. Google often drops spammy keyword lists, and just comes up with something else.
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    What's your excuse?
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    It is important to use high-quality titles on your web pages but title must be descriptive. Titles below 30 characters or 50 character, it doesn't matter. Use a few descriptive terms in the title that is relevant to your content.
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    It's not big issues , you can use upto 60 to 70 characters in title tags .
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    It's not any issue but search engine show 65 character in meta title so you can utilize this opportunity if you want.
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