about seo, gust post etc.....on getting traffic I was thinking

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everyone knows contents is the heart of a site.

everyone knows google will automatic crawl , index.

but I curious anyone try before?

just post new contents to your site.
Never share on social medias
never submit to google

never do gust post

never backlink etc.

what's the results?

compare doing backlink , etc ...?

Because I see most of us after completed a new content will post on social media,
backlink etc
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    It simply means that you'll get no results whatsoever. Content visibility stands on these major pillars which are search engine optimization and social media marketing. So if you're only posting content on your site while doing nothing to draw attention to them, it's very unlike they'll do well in the search results unless your site is very powerful.
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    I still share on facebook. Because I like it. But for ranking keyword is not just a social share.
    There are about 200 factors, for now
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