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HI, I am looking for a domain name.

Does anyone have any tips of tools to help me research common search terms and strength of competition of similar domain in Google?

I don't want a name really similar with a strong player ?

How to tell if it is one of these de-listed spammy blogs in the past.

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    Nowadays, having the keyword in the domain name doesn't have a real effect.

    My recommendation would be to choose something simple related to your business and make sure that nobody has used before to avoid any penalty that the domain might have.
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    You can go godaddy to choose your domain name. Choosing domain names are very easy there. I will suggest you to get a short and easy name for your domaain.
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    How do I check that it is unlikely to have been black listed in the past ?

    I love life an everything in it. Don't worry, be happy.

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    Hi Duck.

    1. Check out Google's Keyword Planner - you'll the strength, competition of the search traffic of certain keywords.

    2. You can always make your own. Look them up on GoDaddy or HostGator - both are web hosting sites.

    3. Can't answer that, but your best bet is to simply create a new one.

    With that aside, if you're looking to create your own DM, utilize the SLAM DUNK rule.

    Local element.
    A User-friendly.
    Match your business name
    Don’t follow trends.
    New, but interesting.
    Keywords assessment.
    Source: Formulating a Unique and User-Friendly Domain Name

    I found this article in Ahrefs last year, and I've recommend checking it out

    Click here at if you need an SEO consultant!

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  • Some useful tools to help you find a domain name include:

    1. Lean Domain Search | Find a great domain name in seconds -- a good tool for finding domain names that are available and contain one of your keywords.

    2. Domain Search -- lets you mix and match words to find available domain names.

    I hope this helps.
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    Think about potentially expanding? Will you want to limit yourself to a niche or s product?

    My advice would be to build a brand
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