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I use to work for a popular and well known plumbing company on the phones receiving bookings etc.

Long story short, when we weren't on the phones, all call centre staff had to write articles. 300-500 words long.

We had a street directory with a list of all the suburbs in SA, VIC and WA. We would write an article about how the plumbing company could help each suburb, and then we would cross that suburb off the list. They ended up covering every suburb 3 times over.

Here is my question though. When I try to find these articles on their blog or anywhere online, I could not find them anywhere!! So, what were they for? I am assuming it was for some type of SEO purpose, but can't see how it works.

Maybe they were just trying to keep us busy?

Would be great to hear what you think was the purpose of writing all these articles, and if it would be a good idea to do a similar strategy with my own business.
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    Could be on a range of other sites pointing back to the mothership. WEB 2.0 properties, guest posts, advertisements. If you remember one you wrote, a quick google search should bring it up.

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    Do you use any hyperlinks in such articles? If yes they could help you in the way of SEO for your main sites. Also I think that should take some time to take effect of such articles.
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    May be all articles further spinned for getting more variations, and distributed with content syndication. So, you many not find the original article written by you.
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    Maybe those articles are made for mini websites. This is to dominate each of the suburb you have mentioned.

    The purpose is, when someone searched for "plumbing in <location>", there is a possibility that a site with that location will appear on google search or business listing(if it's listed and verified on google business).

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    Ahh I just found one.

    It was one I wrote for my local area.

    I found it by searching the keyword "plumbing "my suburb""

    They had 5 or 6 companies under the on roof (collusion at it's best) so basically if one article of the 6 companies ranks they are getting business.

    Do you think it would be wise to do something similar?
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