My video is backlinked by hundreds of random links?

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So I backlinked my gaming video on this certain gaming site on one of the games on their
pages. I checked if it got indexed, it did, but now I see all the other pages of their games are
also backlinking to my video when I did not do that.

It currently has 3 pages full of them, and Google says there is more but Google has hidden
them due to being similar. I click show similar results, I see a whole 49 pages on google of that site with it's different pages with games backlinking to me.

I'm just curious, 1. why did this happen?
2. Should I remove my backlink from there? Won't this hurt my rankings since it's like spam?
If I should remove it, does Google realize this and remove that site from my backlinks the next time it indexes it?

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    Its probably just video sites linking or referring to your video. Most don't even have any linking power or if they do, only help.

    Stop over-thinking and over-analyzing. Popular youtube videos have thousands of random links pointing to them and some of them are junk but it doesn't hurt because thats the definition of natural links.
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