Do you put tag on post?

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Does " tag " in the post still useful on SEO?

Beside key words and meta description.

whenever i post , I left tag empty
only keywords and meta description.
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    Hello Devilfish168,

    I don't see any SEO benefits for applying Tags. Yes, they may help in filtering out Posts based upon a specific topic. That is user-friendly functionality but to avoid duplicity, we will have to circulate proper canonicalization and I personally don't allow bots to read my Tag Page.

    Also regarding keyword use, Google has been ignoring it since quite long. Bing and Yahoo might still be looking at it but not G.

    Google automatically fetches important aspects for a content and will prioritize rankings based upon authority and relevancy.
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    It doesn't directly impact SEO, but it does work wonders in filtering your content, especially if you or your visitors are filtering and looking for content on your archives. Anything that poses as a convenience to your users will, I believe, benefit the SEO department. After all, a user-friendly website is always a Google-friendly one.

    As for the meta description: here's a link from

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    Originally Posted by Devilfish168 View Post

    whenever i post , I left tag empty
    only keywords and meta description.
    The answer would depend on what you mean by "tags". You have the habit of being very vague, and once again it's almost impossible to tell what you're asking. Everything in a HTML page is a tag, but that word is also used for certain post archives in certain content management systems.

    However, tags are infinitely more useful than something that's a complete waste of time like meta keywords.
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    Who told me this? An ex Google web spam engineer.

    What's your excuse?
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    Tags/Keywords/Labels is very important for posts. If you are using tags in your posts, It will be helpful to get traffic to your contents. If you are not used, whoever searching contents based on the topic they won't get your contents.
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    Keyword meta tags, meta descriptios, and Wordpress tags are all pretty useless for SEO.

    Only time I have ever used Wordpress tags is for creating a dual silo, but that is more complex than the average IM'er needs to worry about.
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    If you are not using don't worry it will not harm you but it is good enough for filtering purpose and it doesn't mean that tag is useless where it is very useful for post.
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    Yes I use tags. It doesn't have a big impact, if any, on SEO but it clearly does help people search for certain types of posts on your website if you have a large site / blog.
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