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Hey guys,

I got a little SEO experience, but mostly off-page.
But for a new project I got a question that is out of my knowledge.

I have a new German project on a .de adress.

When the content is on the german page, I want to translate the content to english and publish it as well.
What is the best way to do that for my SEO?

Should I register two seperate .com and .de domains and build them up?
But that sounds not good for SEO.

Or should I somehow merge the english and german website?
If yes, whats the best way?

I would love any tipps or recommendations of relevant resources!

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    I would merge them and just have 2 versions for this website (in most cases only the content will be different! Also, you can learn some programming or hire somebody to write for you a short program and redirect each user depending on its location!

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