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ok so i got to put some backlinks on my website, and im a newbie around.

my question is what should i be doing?

1. pick keywords to anchor, "winnable" keywords

2. use those same Exact keywords as anchor text

3. anchor it on all the backlinks sites for just one keyword.

4. repeat the process for the other keywords?

am i going the right direction?

anything im missing? or doing wrong?

5. what happens when im backlinking my index page and another page on my site? do i need to put both links on the same page of the backlink page?

thanks in advance.
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    You are on the right track.
    - Use google's free keyword tool to find related keywords that fit naturally with your site
    - Open an adwords account and let it crawl your site and suggest keywords for ads (these are the keywords google thinks are relevant to your site) -- not suggesting you do PPC, just use adwords for this purpose
    - Use msn's commercial intent tool to choose buying keywords
    - Vary your anchor text, 40% main kw, 40% mix of secondary kw's, 20% click here etc.
    - One link per page. Don't put multiple backlinks from same page
    - Half or more links to home page, the rest to inner pages
    - Dont' forget to post ezine articles, web 2.0 content that link to your site, then post links to the articles.

    Hope this helps
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