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Hey friends, last night i was looking for backlinks and see a website which have more than 600 links from a particular site/forum.

Can you tell how can we generate so many backlinks from a particular site.
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    It's fairly easy to get hundreds of links from a forum. Just keep posting for several months.

    Of course, it's very likely that those links do not help your site to rank. For example, all the links from WF are nofollow. Most thread pages aren't too strong even if the forum is popular and well-known.
    Links in signature will not help your SEO. Not on this site, and not on any other forum.
    Who told me this? An ex Google web spam engineer.

    What's your excuse?
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    Hey, Vivek1995.
    I'll bet money that those 600 backlinks are all bought and paid for. Unless it's a site like Wikipedia, Amazon or some other top site, someone most likely went onto Upwork, Elance or Fiverr and paid for someone else to go through and load links into article directories all over the Internet.
    That's not a great strategy, though, bc those links lack authority and, eventually, Google will most likely hurt sites for using them (think of what they did with the Panda algorithm).

    Hope this helps a bit!
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      I'll bet money that those 600 backlinks are all bought and paid for.
      Doesn't necessarily mean they were bought. With good activity, quality post, commenting on some number of blogs, forums, is possible to have decent number of backlinks.
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    Hey there,

    Honestly the best thing you can do is build a following and reach out to blogger that have an audience who could be helped by your website or service.

    So how do you build an audience?

    First create a single squeeze page (see mine below for a reference if you'd like) that promotes a free product.

    Then once that is all setup drive traffic to it with forum marketing and solo ads (my personal favorites )

    Once you start building your list this way provide valuable content that you think your readers will love.

    Keep building you list and once you get to a sizable amount create a facebook/twitter fan page.
    This brings them from just an email list to a community under an umbrella you own.

    Then keep posting and sending out high valuable content and build both platforms to a substantial amount and get known as an expert in your niche.

    Once you have both platforms built go ahead and reach out to bloggers whom have an audience that your product/service can benefit from and see if you can do a guest post.

    P.S. The bigger the blog or website you post on the more high quality the link will be.

    It's not about quantity as much as it is quality, remember that

    Anyways, hope this was useful to you & give it a shot!

    Take care,

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