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Hi, I uploaded a few videos yesterday and they didn't rank well at all.

1)Optimized video file
2)Added 200+ word des., tags, title
3)Interlinked (ie: related videos)

Usually I can rank right away #1 but been 24 hrs and only 3 of 16 videos ranked.

I've been able to rank #1 just by doing this for search results in the 1,000's.

99% of these have 0 competing videos for the terms and I'm talking low low comp. 30-80 results.

This is the first time i've uploaded so many videos in one day. All are related and in the same playlist.

Anyone else see any changes with YT???
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    1. Get some high retention views
    2. get about 1000 social signals

    This should work provided that you have "Great Content" that hold your viewers to increase the watch time which is a major ranking factor.
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    Like Google, YouTube strives to serve videos (and thus ranks them high) based on value. That is, YouTube wants to promote video that people like. How do they tell if people like a potential video? Simple, view time and viewer retention. Tweaking titles, adding a nice thumbail can and will help. However, if the quality of the video is poor, you'll have a hard time ranking in YouTube and Google.
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