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Hello, will Google display more than one of your websites that you yourself own on the same (first) page of Google search results?

I know that you can "dominate" the first page of Google by leveraging content on different websites that other people own. Like let's say yuo have a page on squidoo, an ezinearticle, your own website, etc. But that's not what I mean.

What I want to know is whether or not you can have let's say two websites on the same webhost (let's say HostGator) show up in first page?

I don't know how this works, but I'm asking under the assumption that Google can tell that you are the owner of both websites based on your webhost or something. Or let's say that you have already informed them that you own both sites through Analytics or Webmaster tools.

Will they allow both of your results to show on same page of search results? Or will they filter one out?

I've tried to test this myself, but I've had trouble getting two websites from same webhost that are registered under google analytics to show on same page at same time. Has anyone done it?
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    Yes, I think it is possible if you have different content. I had got my ezine and my own site as well as site were on page # 1. However, it required a MASSIVE work.
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      Sure, no problem. Ownership of the websites might play some small part in the decision whether to rank them both (or all of them) for the same keyword, but it's primarily content quality and relevance that decides whether they'll rank.
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